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Keyword Position Checker Free online Keyword Tracker

Keyword Position Checker or keyword tracker is a Free SEO Tool used to check keyword positions and track keyword ranking performance on most popular search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN), Ask, and AOL.

free keyword position checker

This free keyword position Tracking tool allows you to keep see how your keyword position improves with your SEO effort.



Use our free Term Position Checker to check your keyword ranking in Google Ranking. Just enter the domain name, search engine and keywords and click on the blue button 'Check Position.'

To compete effectively for top positions in the SERPs, you must operate in a data-driven manner and not blindly optimise it.

One of the most important pieces of information to know is the position of your website in SERPs for the keywords you target.

And you will need a Keyword Position Checker to know that.

Term position control is a technique used to detect the search engine location or URL for a specific keyword in accordance with the same keyword as other websites.

For example, if you own a smartphone site, you could wish to know what the Google website now holds for the 'best smartphones' keyword.

Our keyword ranking tool gives you the full FREE information. The tool is not only fast and easy to use, it is also reliable and efficient.

A keyword position is the rank or rung of a website that holds a term in the search engines in relation to the other competing websites.


Any SEO-savvy owner or marketer of the website always aims to grab and hold any of SERP's coveted Top 3 positions. To achieve this, you need to know where you are. In this approach, you may develop an effective SEO plan to achieve your objectives.

It may take some time, but each milestone implies you do something well with minimum effort. The trick is to work on this immediately.

And the first step? Find out your position in the standings. This is why we have made available to you this Checker keyword position.

This utility is therefore down to utter simplicity.

You do not need to be an expert SEO nor do you need technical expertise to use it.

Below are the only five steps that you must take:

Step #1: Scroll up to the places offered to enter your data on this page ( where you are right now.


Step #2: Enter your URL (or the URL of your competition) on the field provided for your domain. This is the website you wish to check its position.

Step #3: Choose the Google search engine to check the position. is the default, but you can also select additional Google TLDs (top domain) based on your country of destination.

Step #4: Enter the keywords you wish to check for in a field called "Your keywords." You can enter up to 20 keywords per check with our online rank checker. But make sure you only insert one term per line.

Step #5: Click "Check Position" once you're done to execute your check.

Our highly constructed, advanced algorithm will produce the results in a few gorgeous seconds, which usually look like this:

The snapshot above shows #1 in the "keyword position" keyword.

You will have a better understanding of the competition around the keywords you aim for and how you may strive to achieve your goals.

This is a search engine ranking tool and therefore analyses the keyword/phrase that you entered with the search engine results for the keywords on the page.


If the results display "1," this signifies that the website presently entered is located on Google in the selected country at #1. It means position #100 if it says "100." You're getting the point?


For what to do, if you don't like your SERP site position, read our SEO blog for the finest suggestions and the latest updates on how Google and other search engines can be better ranked.


In general, though, you would like to do the following:


Publish quality content regularly

Quality building backlinks

Conduct keyword research

Conduct regular SEO audits on your website

Optimize your RankBrain content (because it is the third most important Google ranking signal).

And that and more.




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