The Best Free Word Count Tool Online

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The Best Free Word Count Tool Online


The Best Free Word Count Tool Online @Superseoplus is developed with multiple options: To improve quality, Superseoplus developers added all premium features in this text counter.

The Best Free Word Count Tool Online

Quick & Fast 

To make this word count tool lightning-fast, we have removed captcha. Copy & paste text in the input box and it will display results in real-time.

Safe & Secure

We respect our user's privacy. Rest assured, we do not store any text/document you upload to calculate the number of words in our database. Also, we do not share any of your data publicly.

Detailed Results

Our tool does not only give letter count and char count but also displays you other results including Keyword Density, Estimated Reading Time, Estimated Speaking Time, and Total Paragraphs, etc.

Online Word Count Tool calculates the total number of words and chars in your text. If you are a blogger then you have to maintain the length of the blog post.

Google loves lengthy posts as compare to short posts. You can also check how many total pages your text has used the Superseoplus words to pages converter tool

Text character count online is used when you have to post something on social media websites e-g Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. For example, Tweeter allows you to post a specific number of characters per post and that is 160 chars.

Also when we talk about social sharing short content has more impact than long paragraphs. In that case, you have to count each alphabet you are typing for the post.

Why The best Free Word Count Tool Online?

It becomes very difficult when you have to calculate total words and chars for lengthy documents. We know if you are using Microsoft word, excel, or PowerPoint it will automatically display these values but in the case of PDF files, you can do this work manually. Because the word calculator is not available in PDF files.

In the same way, when writing essays or thesis, you have to maintain the length of your papers. Because most of the time teachers do not love bulky assignments or essays. They want quality instead of quantity and the Superseoplus essay word counter shows you the density of the words as well so you can summarize your essays or assignments quickly.

Similarly, if you are a social media manager in a company you have to post updates regularly. Will you do a manual word count and character count? No, you will try an online tool that can calculate all this in milliseconds.


Writing a blog, essay, or novel? A good choice of words makes the writing come alive. Short and informative content has more power as compared to lengthy and less informative.

As a reader, what do you find enjoyable? Most likely your answer will be an article with quality content and interesting information. A summarized essay or article is key to improve the readability of your content.

Writers understand that, in this era of the internet, there is a saturation of content. Only well-organized and summarized articles can attract readers.

Superseoplus Free Word Count Tool Online

The word counter tool by Superseoplus is an ideal tool to check the metrics of written content. Our efforts have made their ultimate effort to add all the premium features for a word counter in this tool.

This tool presents multiple metrics that could help you in improving the quality of your content and SEO. Our tool is packed with various useful features, these features are listed below:

Faster Turnaround of Results

One of the highlights of this tool is a quick analysis of content and a faster results turnaround. There is no need for any captcha entry for verification because we at Superseoplus understand, it takes a considerable chunk of time that can be irritating for users sometimes.

We have removed the need for captcha entry, users can simply paste their content and check out the results quickly.

Users don’t need to click any submit button after pasting the text. They just need to simply paste or upload the content, and their content will be analyzed for multiple word count metrics, and results will be shown quickly.

Ensured Content Safety and Security

We at Superseoplus, respect your privacy, and that’s why we don’t use your content for anything else that makes the security and safety of your content in danger. We never save or store your content for later use.

Written files that you upload to our database for analysis of content and the word count are never used anywhere else.

We have a strict privacy policy, and we believe that the data of our users should only be used and published by them, and therefore, we never share your content publicly.

Comprehensive Result

When users paste content for word counts analysis on our efficient word counter tool, it displays a complete result that includes multiple metrics quickly.

Our efficient tool doesn’t only count the characters and words in your text but also measures some other metrics related to the content which could be useful for you.

This tool also displays the estimated time to read the whole text and the estimated time needed while speaking the written text.

It also shows the total number of sentences in a text file. Not only that, but It also displays the longest sentence used in the text and the number of characters and words in the sentences. Similarly, it also displays the longest word used in the text.

The number of characters in the longest word is also shown.

It also displays the keywords and their percentage in the whole text file. I also categorize text in long words and short words and displays their percentage in the whole content.

It also displays the average length of words used in text in the number of characters and the average length of sentences in the number of words.

It also shows the number of paragraphs in a text file. All these features are very useful for people who want a comprehensive analysis of their written content.

No restriction on the best Free Word Count Check Tool Online

You can upload or copy/paste countless files to check word count analysis for these files in a single sitting.

You won’t be asked to come tomorrow for more word count analysis. You can use this efficient word count tool can be used countless times in a day.

Totally Free to Use the Free Word Count Check Tool Online

Users can use this tool for free without paying any charges. We at Superseoplus are determined to make the life of people easier with our useful tools and free of cost use of word counter tool reflects that.

You can use multiple text files without any restriction of words and files per day.

Combination of Multiple Useful Tools

In addition to the best free word counter tool online, Superseoplus has plenty of useful tools to offer for the enhancement of text content.

Users can use grammar checkers and plagiarism checkers to improve the quality of their content. Paraphrasing tools and article rewriters are also available for this purpose.

A combination of these useful tools would enable users to create high-quality and plagiarism-free content.

Values displayed by our Best Free Word Count Check Tool Online:

We have developed our online software in such ways that users can get maximum benefits. Our tool displays the following values:

Total Words: Count words in the text and display them on the top bar of the input box. In the case of mobile, this sum will be shown under the input box.

Total Characters: Run a real-time scan and count total chars with and without spaces.

Keyword Density: Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase used in a text or article. It is useful when you want to avoid keyword stuffing.

If you are an SEO expert, you must know Google hates keyword stuffing.

Estimated Reading Time: It is an estimated value of time in which your text can be read. By default, its value is 200 words per minute.

Estimated Speaking Time: Speaking is a little tough and slower process than reading. Its default value is 125 words per minute.

Total Sentences: As the name suggests, these are the total number of sentences/paragraphs in your text.

Longest Sentence: If you are aware of the readability rate, you might know long sentences decrease the readability rate. This value will display the longest sentence in your text or file.

Plagiarism Checker: Plagiarism detector is not directly integrated with this tool, but you can check the plagiarism of your text by just clicking the icon.

Grammar checker: In writing, grammar is one of the most important things. This feature is also not directly integrated with this tool, but you can find out all grammatical mistakes with just one click.

Who can use the word counter?

Writing is a tough job. Writing something is never easy when you have to stay within particular limits assigned to you like maximum and a minimum number of words limit.

You have to keep yourself active not to exceed the limit. It happens in both the online and offline world with different people like Students, bloggers, webmasters, etc.

Although these people are from various fields but are usually facing this issue.

Here are some people who can use the Free Word Count Check Tool Online and how they can avoid breaching word limits.


Some students with brilliant vocabulary and understanding when assigned a topic can write a bunch of papers if they were allowed to do so, but typically there is a limit of words that needs to be followed.

Students can use free text counter online to count the number of words, characters, number of sentences, and others in their essays, assignment, and sometimes thesis as well.

Moreover, the word limit is necessary in the world of academia as quality is preferred over quantity. The limit can make students stick to the topic and avoid not to make any blunders in the text.


Professional life is nothing but just hard work and dedication. When under workload pressure, you in a hurry may forget essential things like word count and other things.

Word count is important in a blogger's life. Exceeding the word count limit intentionally or unintentionally is not a good sign for a blogger who is having a low number of readers.

If you are a blogger, you may lose readers as they may find your content boring due to the length of your text. Quality matters more than quantity.

Try to add relatable words and sentences to engage readers not to add different things just for the sake of completing the task. Not to worry, character count online is here to save your day.

Our tool gives out results like:

  • word count in your text
  • total no of characters in the text
  • Point out long phrases and the number of words in those phrases
  • Point out long words and the number of characters in those words
  • Point out Grammar mistakes
  • Read time in minutes

Freelance Writers

Freelancing and meeting the demands of the client is not easy. Freelance writing is all about the quality of writing you process to produce more clients.

Char count and letter count are important for a freelancer as customers usually send guidelines mentioning not to breach a given word limit.

Word calculator is a much-needed thing for a freelancer. Manually counting words is old stuff and consumes plenty of time. Why waste time on these minute problems. Free word count online is the easiest solution possible.

In the end, after completing the work, just copy and paste your work in the text counter to know the total number of words and even alphabets occurring in your text to avoid any mishap between you and your client.


Teachers can also avail themselves benefits using word counter online. Benefits like when teachers have to check exam papers of the students online, to count a number of characters, sentences, and alphabets, this tool can be used.

Manually although it is possible to count words, it consumes a hell of a lot of time. Check the papers in minutes to lessen the burden over teachers using our essay word counter.

The Char count tool online not just only checks words, but can also show (if demanded) the number of sentences and even single characters occurring in a text.


For the SEO of a website, the ideal word limit for an article is a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 3000 words per article.

Administrators of websites have to make sure this thing not breach the max limit or stay behind the minimum limit.

Creating unique and eye-catchy articles is essential with a proper word limit to make it perfect. The SEO of the website will increase as well.

Our website the Free Word Count Check Tool Online can be used to count the total number of words on your website by just putting the URL of the website in the provided area.

You can Boost your website to the hottest level by using our FREE SEO TOOLS ONLINE. There are Literally more than 50 Online SEO Apps and growing every day.





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