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Downloader of Blogs and News Articles Using a Scraper (e.g. Medium Scraper)

The proliferation of information gives us the chance to pick and choose from a diverse collection of resources; nevertheless, it has also raised concerns about how to prioritize the information we take in and direct our attention to the particular issues and tendencies that are most relevant to us.

Because of this, you may have decided to use an RSS reader in order to keep up with the blogs and news sites that you find most interesting. What should you do, though, if you come across a website that does not offer a full-text RSS option?

In this article, we will present you to some article scrapers that are simple to use, so that you may download blogs and news websites (e.g. a Medium Scraper). We will walk you through the process of establishing a bespoke article scraper that is able to swiftly, effectively and reliably collect all of the articles you require, regardless of the length of the articles. No RSS? No issue.

Listing of Contents (Table of)

Top 3 Article Scrapers Extract Content from Medium Publications Using Various Scraping Techniques

The Best and Most Top-Rated Article Scrapers

When there are so many distinct possibilities available, it is not an easy process to select the very finest article scrapers that are now available on the market. It is essential to keep in mind that there is not a single option that is superior to all others; rather, there is only software that is superior to others in meeting your specific data requirements, which are determined by your spending limits, preferences regarding the user interface (UI), scraping frequencies, and experience level.

The good news is that whether you're a novice data miner looking to set up your first scraping task or a seasoned data miner looking to upgrade your scraping experience, there's most certainly a tool out there for you.

The bad news is that if you're looking to upgrade your scraping experience, there aren't many options.

After evaluating more than ten different online scraping tools, the three that we believe to be the most effective for the purpose of scraping articles are shown in the following section.

These recommendations were chosen not just on the basis of the article scraping features that they offer but also on the basis of their overall performance.

1. Octoparse:  Octoparse is a web scraping tool that lets you extract data from various websites without requiring you to write any code. It is able to imitate the surfing behavior of a human and scrape articles and posts from any website in a matter of minutes.

Interface with Point-and-Click Controls Octoparse includes an intuitive and straightforward user interface. It gives you the ability to interact with your favorite new sites using the point-and-click functionality of its built-in browser. As a result, it is much simpler to grasp compared to the majority of scraping programs.
Advanced Functionality You will find that Octoparse's abundance of powerful capabilities will assist you in overcoming obstacles to article scraping. If you wish to scrape articles from Medium, for instance, Octoparse can easily handle hurdles such as login problems, keyword search, infinite scrolling, and many others.
Cross-Platform You can easily download and install Octoparse from its official website and test out some of the ready-to-use templates for article scraping.

Octoparse is client-based freeware that is compatible with both Windows and Mac. If you opt to construct a custom web crawler on your own, you can get tutorials on how to do so by visiting its self-service portal.

The Acceleration and Scheduling of Events The 'boost mode' that is included with Octoparse is able to significantly increase the rate at which articles may be scraped, both on local devices and in the cloud. If you are looking for up-to-date articles or publications in a quick and painless manner, Octoparse will not disappoint you. But believe me is the best of all the mentioned.

The crawlers that are included in Octoparse can be set to run on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, allowing you to get articles in a timely manner either on your local workstation or through the cloud-based platform that it provides.
Assistance to Customers In addition to providing outstanding customer service, the Octoparse team is committed to assisting you with any and all data-related requirements. If software as a service is not your thing, they also have a managed service that provides a comprehensive answer to all of your data requirements in one convenient location.

2. WebHarvy is another client-based article scraping software; but, in order to function properly, it needs to be operated on the Windows operating system. It is possible to use it to extract press releases and articles from PR websites and article directories.

The Clear and Concise Explanation Series On the official website of WebHarvy, there is a section with videos that show how to establish a task to scrape an article's title, author name, published date, keywords, and body content. You can view these videos. They could serve as a fantastic starting point for you if you are unfamiliar with web scraping.
Evaluation Verison In order to get started on your data journey, it is strongly suggested that you download and test out their evaluation version as well as check out the fundamental demonstration films.

It is quite simple to use, and it also supports the usage of proxies and scraping on a schedule. A WebHarvy license for a single user can be purchased for about $139 if it is capable of meeting the requirements you have for your data. You will receive free technical assistance as well as free software upgrades for a period of one year.

3. ScrapeBox, an article harvesting add-on

ScrapeBox is one of the most effective and widely used SEO tools available today. It comes equipped with an add-on called the Article Scraper, which gives users the ability to collect thousands of articles from a variety of prominent article directories.

Simple Complementary Piece The article scraper addon of ScrapeBox is a lightweight addon that features (1) proxy support, (2) multi-threading for fast article retrieval, (3) the ability to set how many articles to scrape before stopping, and (4) the ability to save articles in ANSI, UTF-8, or Unicode format, which enables articles to be harvested in any language.
Filter dependent on Keywords Additionally, there is the option to automatically remove links and email addresses from articles, as well as the capacity to save articles within keyword-based subfolders, which ensures that all of your articles are properly organized even when harvesting articles for multiple keywords at the same time.
A More Developed Plugin An sophisticated Article Scraper Plugin is also available through ScrapeBox. This plugin can upload articles, spin articles, translate articles, and perform many other functions.

Articles from a medium-sized publication will be collected.

For the purpose of providing a clearer illustration of the operation of an article scraper, we will use Octoparse to extract data from articles published in the Towards Data Science Medium publication. Before beginning, check that you have the most recent version of Octoparse by downloading it first.

To continue, please click on the following link:
First off, fire up the built-in browser that comes with Octoparse and navigate to the website in question.

In Octoparse, the first step of any process is to enter a web page as the starting point. Simply type the sample URL into the search bar located on the homepage, and then wait for the webpage to load.

Step 2: Include a page scroll loop in order to address the issue of the infinite page. scrollMedium's signature endless scroll pattern was developed specifically to facilitate the dynamic loading of website information. Therefore, there should be a loop item added to the workflow section. Set the loop mode for the item you want to loop to scroll page in the general tab of the loop item, then repeat scrolling to the bottom of the page 20 times.

Step 3 Extract information from the page containing the article list.

First, we need to collect some metadata from the list page before moving on to collecting the content of each individual article. Simply clicking on the list's first article block, then selecting Select sub-elements > Select All >, will do the trick. Data should be extracted in order to obtain data from the article list. Rename the data fields and delete those that aren't necessary; this should leave us with the article's author, title, description, tag, and length. In addition, by utilizing the XPath locator, we are able to retrieve the article's URLs.

In the section titled "Data Preview," click the "create a custom field" button and then pick "Capture data on the webpage." After that, check the "Relative XPath" box and enter "/a[@aria-label="Post Preview Title"]."
To obtain the initial group of data, you must first Save and then Run the Parent Task (which takes a few minutes)

Step 4 Scrape the entire text by using the URL list as a resource for a second operation.

The next step is to build a child task that utilizes the URLs from the most recent data run.

Return to the home screen of Octoparse, click the + New button, and then pick Advanced Mode.
To import URLs from a task, choose import from task for the Input URLs, then navigate to the URL data box of the first task.
Include a step to Extract data in the loop that processes URLs.
In the area titled "Data Preview," select "Capture data on the webpage" after clicking the "create a custom field" button.
To locate the entire article, make sure Absolute XPath is checked and enter /article.

Step 5: After obtaining the first group of data, save the job and run it again.

It's possible that you've picked up on the fact that we've broken the task down into two subtasks. The overall scrapping pace of the project is going to be increased as a result of this change. If you are working on a complex project, it is recommended that you break it down into smaller subtasks and then run those subtasks on Octoparse's cloud-based platform so that you may complete the project more quickly. You can also get data supplied to you on a regular basis by scheduling your activities to run on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis.

You can ask for assistance from the Octoparse support team if you are having problems constructing the task on your own and are having trouble finding out how to do it. Have fun getting the Medium layer off!


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