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Website design layout that will make your jaws Drop down !!!

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19+ Website Layouts Users Won’t Forget (UPDATE 2022)

website design layout

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Numerous websites shine with vibrant colours, eye-catching images, and informative content. But if you rip off color, videos, images, content, what is left? When you get down to the fundamentals of a website, you'll suddenly have an epiphany about it. The website's brilliance can be directly attributed to its design, specifically the layout.

What is a website layout?

A pattern (or framework) that defines the structure of a website is referred to as the website's layout. It is responsible for organizing the information that is available on a website in a way that is accessible both to the owner of the website and to the users of the website. It makes the most important aspects of a website more prominent and provides clear pathways for navigation within individual web pages.

Layouts for websites are what define the content hierarchy, and this is true whether you are learning how to start a blog or building a straightforward website for your small business. The content of your website will direct visitors to various parts of the site, and it should communicate your message to them as effectively as possible.

In a nutshell, the layout of a website is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not the website will be successful.

Why should you choose one layout over another?

You should choose between the options with care. Because of this,

Users won't give you more than a few seconds of their time, so it's best to take as much time as you need to find a good layout before you present it to them.

Therefore, a good layout has additional benefits, in addition to the fact that it solves the problem of making a decision in a split second. Keeping visitors interested can be a very rewarding challenge.

An illustration of the operation of the Gestalt law of closure

Getting familiar with the layout design best practices

It is essential to become familiar with some fundamental ideas pertaining to website layouts in order to make the process of selecting a layout design a productive one. We have compiled a list of ideas that will assist you in becoming oriented within the plethora of predefined website layouts that are available.

Visual weight and negative space

People have the ability to perceive "visual weight" when certain elements of a website carry a stronger visual force than others. This visual force can be instilled in particular components by utilizing a variety of different methods. Among all of them, negative space is the one that particularly piques our interest at this time.

Negative space, also known as space that is devoid of any elements, directs attention to elements that are more prominent than the rest through the concentration of visual force on those elements.

An illustration of the visual weight that can be created through the use of negative space

The area of negative space that exists between the black square and the white squares draws attention to the component on the left. However, the four smaller white squares have a greater impact than the element on the left. The square with the black background has a more powerful visual impact.

Balanced website layouts

The elements that comprise the layout of a website should be supporting one another in order to achieve a balanced web design. This ensures that the user will view the text content as having equal importance. In addition, the elements are presented in a layout that makes it simple to scan and makes the most of the space available to do so. From an aesthetic point of view, the design is really pleasing to the touch, and it gives the impression that the structure is quite stable.

The symmetrical balance design is one of the most common types of balanced designs. In this type of balance, a visual element will look the same on either side of the center, just like a mirror image would. The aesthetic qualities of balance, elegance, and pleasure are all evoked by symmetry. It's highly likely that you've experienced it as well when gazing at the design of certain buildings or gardens, or even at the wings of a butterfly.

Sections for specific audiences or features

Arrangements of elements that can be changed, allowing users to easily navigate to other parts of the website. Consider the fact that there are fashion websites that cater to both men and women so that you can get a better understanding of how this is even possible.

The structure of the website allows for the existence of two separate sections: one is devoted to clothing for men, and the other is devoted to clothing for women. The split layout provides functional content that is extremely helpful for both of the different audiences that are being targeted.

Go outside the standard layouts

Some layouts take the conventional approach, with the purpose of providing the highest level of functionality possible; other layouts, on the other hand, make use of risky designs and structures with the intention of making an impression on the user. In web design, "breaking the mold" refers to making unexpected arrangements of the elements that make up a web page. This makes the page and the experiences it generates stand out among a sea of standard websites in such a way that a user can't help but remember your website.

Keep in mind, however, that UX is more important than design. Never forget to consider the end user. Perform tests before putting anything out into circulation.

Create Visual Tension for Eye-Catching Stimulating Layouts

Visual tension is a technique used in web design that focuses the user's attention on the most important aspects of the website. Visual tension can be brought out by contrasts of space, color, or luminosity, and it is easy to notice if the elements that create it are interwoven in a way that achieves a perfect overall balance.

Its purpose is to arouse the users' visual senses so that they will break out of their usual pattern of web surfing and think about the content of the website in an entirely fresh way.

The unexpected placement of some elements in the design of a website can create visual tension in the layout. Source.Stripe

Use focal points to draw attention to certain elements

One possible focal point is a button indicating a call to action. A picture can serve as the main point of interest. It's also possible for headings to serve as focal points. Everything depends on how well they are integrated into the layout of the website, so that they become the most prominent points of interest on the website and are able to draw the attention of users.


Because of focal points, you will have your users halfway to conversion (whatever conversion might be for your particular website). Users will concentrate their attention on those focal points, and as a result, they are more likely to take the action that you want them to take.

Design layouts that accomplish website goals

Before beginning to design a layout for a website or looking through layout templates, it is recommended that you first determine what the goals of the website are. This is a best practice. They might be to sell products, attract traffic, or simply enchant users with a work of art. All of these things are possible. The website's objectives ought to guide the selection of the structure of the website. It will cause particular user behaviors to manifest, which will ultimately result in the achievement of those goals.


Layouts that tell a story

Create the layout, or look for one, so that it can be molded to fit the message you need to send. It is important that the various section areas come together to tell a complete story. Each individual link in this chain represents a new chapter in your narrative.

A layout that is composed of features sections, which reveal a great deal about the utility of the application

Best Website Layouts with Proven Success

You'll find some of the most common and successful website layouts that web designers from all over the world use in the following section of this article.

1. The Zig-Zag Layout

According to research conducted, users typically scan the content of a webpage. The movement of the eyes along the page is consistent with the direction of the letter Z.

The zig zag layout is applicable to a wide variety of websites, in a variety of activity areas, as it is intricately connected to some common web surfer behavior.

Mesmerize Theme was used to create this sample restaurant website.

2. The F Layout

The F-shape layout is based on another well-known scanning behavior, which involves the eyes moving in an F-letter pattern as they scan across a page. This layout is suitable for a wide variety of websites because of its connection with a well-known user behavior. It can work well for e-commerce websites, portfolio websites, and other types of websites.

3. Full-Screen Photo

In this instance, the layout suggests spreading out content across an image or photo that fills the entire screen. As a result, the presence of text sections or menu sections is necessary in order to support the living image. Websites that want to immediately anchor the subject of their site in the mind of their visitors should put this to good use.


4. Grid Layout

The information is laid out in grids, which makes it simple to navigate, and individuals can quickly jump to any topic that piques their interest. Grid layouts permit an equal distribution of text, photos, and videos onto the webpages, allowing users to decide upon the importance of each unit. Grid layouts can also be used to organize content in a consistent manner. Useful for a variety of publications including newspapers, vlogs, etc.



5. One-Column Layout

The information to be displayed is arranged in a single column using this layout, which is also one of the simplest layouts to put into place. The content (text, photos, and videos) is simple to understand, and the scanning that is required consists of nothing more than locating the primary points of interest within that single column. Useful for writing research papers and articles with a lengthy word count.

Additionally, single column layouts are an excellent choice for mobile experiences because of their compatibility.


6. Featured Image Layout

Setting up a featured image that is representative of each page in the website is one of the layouts that is currently one of the most common practices. The purpose of the image is to direct the viewer's attention and interest to a specific point on the page that is representative of the subject matter of the page. Additionally, the image serves as the origin of the meaning that extends outward from this particular focal point. Useful for specialized blogs, as well as for freelancers and professionals.

Mesmerize theme was used to create this designer portfolio website demo.

7. Asymmetrical Layout

The asymmetrical layout makes a mockery of the rules of symmetry, even going so far as to break those rules in order to deliver on a singular guarantee. There is more to us than just reaching the pinnacle of perfection. The challenge here is to make white space more dynamic through the creation of active space.

Useful for websites falling into this particular category of web design, as well as for unconventional portfolio presentations and cutting-edge business websites. as the source

8. Split Screen Layout

This type of layout refers to both split screens in a vertical orientation as well as split screens in a horizontal orientation. In most cases, the primary function of a vertical split screen is to play a significant part in conveying dual importance to two or more separate areas. The aim of this is to prioritize quick decisions, so that users can immediately have a more positive experience with the website.

The example that is provided below is unique in the sense that it demonstrates both a horizontal and a vertical split on the very same page. This makes the example more complicated. When viewed solely from the vertical perspective, the split does not invite the user to make a decision but rather encourages them to enrich one experience through the other.

It is recommended to use a split screen layout for websites that sell wellness products throughout web presentations, such as creative websites selling products to men and women separately, for example (like in the case below).


9. Headline and Thumbnails Gallery Layout

This layout may work wonders in an online world that is becoming more visually focused all the time. It is composed of image miniatures that can be clicked on to be taken to detailed descriptions of the topics they pertain to, as well as headlines and brief presentations that act as a guide through the image album.

Appropriate for use on travel websites, blogs, and in publications.

10. Modular Layout (also known as Card Layout / Block Layout)

This layout has strong ties to Google's Material Design, which is a design protocol that was introduced by the search giant. As a result of its adaptability and responsiveness, it is gaining an ever-increasing number of followers. Because the layout is modular, each component of the content (text, images, videos, and buttons) is contained within a card, also known as a module, which has its own specific area to call home.

When applied to websites, modular layouts result in a more organized appearance and ensure that all of the components of a page have a strong sense of cohesion with one another.

Excellent for use on business websites, which require presentations that are both clear and consistent in order to project an image of professionalism over the internet.

11. Magazine Layout

The magazine layout, in its modern iteration, has a tendency to be a mishmash of some other layouts, all of which serve to lend an air of splendor to the reporting of the news. To maintain the appropriate level of glamour for the magazine, the following example combines the layouts of a featured image with a solid F shape, a headline and thumbnail gallery, and a combination of the two.

These kinds of combinations work well for online magazines, though they are not limited to just those.

12. Single Page Layout

We wanted to list this layout here due to its fairly interesting characteristics, despite the fact that it is not so widely spread among common website layouts as other layouts. It combines a number of operations onto a single page (e. g. Gmail). JavaScript allows for the content to be loaded on a dynamic basis. Additionally, it is constructed in such a way that it generates distinct URLs for each viewpoint.

13. Radial Symmetry Layout

Radial symmetry is a type of layout that is used occasionally but is not very common. In a rounded format, the following items radiate outward from a central point that is associated with others:

It’s a wrap

Now that you are familiar with the various website layouts, it is time for you to consider which website layout would be the most suitable for your own website. Is it a layout that can be used for a variety of purposes, or is it a layout that has been tailored to a particular field?

To accomplish this, you must have knowledge of your audience, including their actions, requirements, and expectations, and construct an appropriate message that fits snugly within a layout. The layout's job will be to make the message stand out and to be so compelling for the users that they have no choice but to agree with what is being said.

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