The Super Successful Secret of SEO

05/26/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Marketing seo

The Super Successful Secret of SEO

SEO is a favourite fan when it comes to generating leads. A significant 61 per cent of B2B sellers claim that SEO and organic traffic yield leads more than any other marketing technique.

The Super Successful Secret of SEO

A total of 51 per cent of traffic on all forms of websites comes from organic search.

Many small business owners and SEO practitioners understand the value of links to their SEO content.

Backlinks are known as the 'trust vote.' Backlinks say that search engines, particularly Google (which owns 92 per cent of all searches worldwide), trust your content and raise them higher with many backlinks than pages and articles.

Obviously, the content on the web should be of high quality and provide all the information that anyone needs in pursuit of this question. Instead of a cure-all, backlinks are more like a start to the competition against other materials.

The problem with costly ties

Many marketers recognize the power of backlinks from my experience with big, scalable technology brands.

But most marketers create backlinks with costly, tedious strategies. They either pay high-cost companies per connection (usually $300 to $500), or they have backlink services in-house in the old school.

When you send an email demanding that the content manager connects to your content, the backlink is provided. You got these emails yourself, perhaps. It can take 50 to 250 emails from anywhere to get one yes.

You can afford fewer links per month when you pay lots for every link (either with a team mate's time or agency fees). Conversely, less ties lead to lower chances of your SEO content being classified.

On the other hand, Digital PR, at every level of financial investment or time, offers much better outcomes. This is why. Here is why.

Get a simpler yes for digital PR applications

It is easier to get a yes to a digital PR request than a simple connection request based on my experience pitching for my own SEO material, and my customers' content.

Instead of asking websites to connect to my website, I request digital PR coverage, which generates links everywhere.

It takes just five to ten emails to get a yes for a guest post or an interview with a podcast. And you don't even have to send e-mails several times. You can begin by building relationships you already know with content managers, bloggers and podcast hosts.

Build relationships that you can build

More than just backlinks, digital PR deals. You create new partnerships with non-competitive businesses, influencers, journalists and creators of content.

These partnerships can be leveraged over and over again. You might co-market events such as webinars and virtual summits. Or, in each other's email newsletters you might exchange features.

Your imagination is the boundary.






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