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Free SEO tools

Free SEO tools give timely alerts and information about your site's overall online performance. They help identify potential weak spots and uncover hidden weaknesses or problems which could halt you from making significant progress in the SERPs and earning enough visibility for your site on the web. As real-time tools, every tool has a specific function. However, free tools such as Google Analytics offer more functionality than free SEO tools because of the need to continuously update and improve the services and utilities on an ongoing basis to ensure a constant flow of relevant data.

Google Analytics is an all-inclusive free tool that offers a number of useful functions. It displays detailed information about visitors, such as the number of unique visits, the number of page views, and the pages per visit. In addition, it gauges the location of visitors, such as which country they came from and where they've located. The information gathered by Google Analytics can be used to analyze trends, target certain geographical regions, and study how people utilize a website over time. Advanced analytics programs give detailed information about which keywords are being used the most and which search engines result in the most traffic.

Another important free SEO tool is the Google Search Console. The Search Console lets you trace how your competitors are ranking in popular search engines like Google. By tracing your competitors' moves, you can identify any loopholes which they may be able to exploit, as well as improve on your site's rankings. Aside from the Google Search Console, the most comprehensive free tool available is the Yahoo Webmaster Tools. This tool offers comprehensive information on various aspects of your site's layout, such as the URL structure, keyword analysis and research, link building, and the list goes on.





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