Make 25 USD per hour doing simple writing jobs

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Make 25 USD per hour doing simple writing jobs

simple writing jobs

Looking to make some extra cash? Check out our list of the best money-making online apps. With simple writing jobs, you can earn up to $25 per hour!

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Do you agree that being a freelance writer is a challenging job? There are thousands of writers out there that only make a few bucks per post and are fighting to put food on the table for themselves and their families.

You start to question why you wanted to get into this line of work in the first place when you realize that you have to crank out thousands of words every single day simply to make ends meet.

In addition, when you concentrate all of your effort into your paid profession, the initiatives that you are passionate about end up suffering. When all of your creative energy is spent on writing that you have no passion for, by the end of the day all you have left is the ability to fall in front of the television.

It feels senseless to spend even a little amount of time working on your story or poems.

I know what it's like to be in that situation, where just the notion of sitting down at your laptop causes you to feel sick to your stomach. It is not a desirable location to be in.

How can this problem be fixed? It has two aspects to it.

First and foremost, you have to begin to take yourself seriously. It is time for you to prioritize your own needs, not in a self-centered sense, but simply so that you can take care of yourself. If you take care of yourself, you'll have more time and energy to devote to the things that are important to you. When people are able to offer in innovative ways, the world as a whole benefits and becomes a better place.

Second, rather of viewing your writing as a hobby that might supplement your income, think of it as a business. Choose endeavors that offer the greatest return on your investment, both in terms of how they make you feel about yourself and the amount of money they bring in relative to the amount of time and effort they need from you.

Simple Writing Jobs Important Part

The most important part of our job here at Freedom With Writing is guiding you through the process of turning your writing into a source of respectable income. Wordsmithing may be a lucrative line of work, and we're going to show you how to do it.

In light of this, I've compiled a list of five gigs that most freelance writers neglect. As long as you are skilled in your trade, they are simple in the sense that they pay well for a relatively modest amount of work. In other words, they are easy work. It is not necessary to pound out thousands of words every day while writing blog posts and articles in order to have a successful career as a freelance writer. You don't have to give up your life or your creativity in order to make a respectable living.

1. Composing an Email

Email marketing is by far the most successful form of online advertising that can be done. Bloggers have been aware of this fact for quite some time, but many businesses are just now coming to terms with it. When companies decide to utilize email marketing, they have an increased demand for the services of writers to assist them.

Writing brief emails of 150-250 words can easily earn you $20 to $30 in compensation. When it comes to sending longer emails that promote products, the sky is the limit. This is especially true if you negotiate a percentage of the sales that are made from clicks in your email.

In addition to that, it's a consistent job. Because email marketing is most effective when consumers are contacted on a consistent basis, each new client you get will result in an increase in your monthly revenue.

How to obtain work as an email writer: First, educate yourself on the advantages that accrue to companies when they maintain a customer email list and continue to communicate with their clientele via electronic mail. The majority of your prospective customers will be more interested in the concept of having an email list than in your actual writing abilities.

Next, conduct research on companies that operate in your specialized field by going to their websites. Get in touch with them and discuss the benefits of email if they don't already have a sign-up form on their website. As soon as they are convinced of the usefulness of an email newsletter, you can take over as the person who is responsible for writing it.

Join their email list if they already have one if they have one. Keep track of the number of emails that you get. In the event that you do not receive any communication from them, then you have a prospective customer! It is obvious that they are having a hard time finding time to create their email newsletter. Send them a message and ask if they would like assistance in developing ideas for maintaining communication with their clients and customers.

2. Developing Curriculum Vitae and Application Forms

Finding a new job is one of the most stressful things that can happen in life, yet it's something that all of us will eventually have to do at some point.

Because you are a writer, you have the skills necessary to assist other individuals in getting their foot in the door. You can give their résumé and cover letter a makeover to improve their chances of getting an interview invitation. Knowing that you are assisting others in finding employment is a wonderful sensation to have.

If you have the ability to get folks into interviews, you need to make sure that you are charging at least $200 for each resume that you review.

How to acquire jobs writing resumes and cover letters. If this is a new industry for you, you should begin by providing assistance to members of your own family and friends.

They will be thankful for your guidance, and you will quickly find out what approaches are successful and which ones are not. Your name will spread as individuals tell others about the assistance you provide in finding work, which will contribute to the enhancement of your reputation.

When you feel comfortable enough to advertise your services in public, add resume writing to the services you offer on your professional website. You also have the option of becoming a member of the National Resume Writers Association (NRWA), which will provide you the chance to network with other professionals and promote your services.

3. Checking for errors

Even though it is not strictly speaking a writing profession, proofreading is an invaluable asset that any freelance writer should have in their toolbox. Writing new copy engages a different area of my brain than does revising existing copy, in my experience. You can make the most of your billable hours by turning to proofreading when you reach a point in the writing process where you are completely blocked.

You might make more than $30 per hour proofreading documents. Even if you just charge $0.005 per word, you only need to get through 100 words a minute in order to make $30 an hour. This is assuming, of course, that your word rate is quite high.

How to get proofreading gigs. As a writer, you probably get asked "Can you read this over for me?" very frequently, especially if you're anything like me. by patrons and personal acquaintances. It is time for you to assert yourself and inform those interested in this service of the cost that you charge for it.

In addition, freelance bidding websites like elance feature a multitude of proofreading assignments that are currently open for applicants. If you place bids that are competitive and gain positive feedback from clients, you will soon create a reputation as a proofreader who is sought after.

4. Advertisements served through Google AdWords

When it comes to the word count, this gig is a piece of cake. The headline for an Adwords ad can have up to 25 characters, and the description can have up to 105 characters. In total, an Adwords ad can have no more than 130 characters. That's approximately 25 words worth of stuff. If you are skilled at producing advertisements that garner clicks, then you will be the one to determine the cost of your services.

The challenging thing is figuring out what gets them to click. The best way to learn is through actual practice, but to get started, you should at least become familiar with the fundamentals of headline writing.

How to obtain work with Google AdWords. Google a variety of things related to your specialized field, and take note of the advertisements that appear alongside the search results. Pay particular attention to the advertisements that fail to capture your interest. Those are the problems that can be solved with your assistance. You can identify the company that has a demand for your services by clicking through the various advertising. From there, get in touch with them and see if they are prepared to consider your offer to increase the number of clicks that they receive from their advertisements.

5. Greetings and Best Wishes

This is a really unique and special employment, and it's perfect for you if you enjoy crafting words that move people's emotions since that's exactly what you'll be doing when you write greeting card slogans.

You also don't need a knack for rhyme, and many publishers really prefer slogans that don't have any rhyme in them. Although it is a competitive industry, the remuneration is excellent, ranging anywhere from $25 to $100 per tagline, with some businesses even paying up to $300 for short poems.

How to obtain work designing greeting cards Visit the gift shop in your neighborhood and take a look at the selection of greeting cards that they have available for purchase.

Make a note of the publishing businesses that are responsible for the cards. The next step is to go online to search for contact information, and after that, directly contact greeting card firms to request submission criteria.




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