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Simply scroll down to view some imaginative QR Codes.

I am just learning about QR Codes. What information am I missing?

Glad you asked! The following are some fundamentals to get you started.

What is QR Code

The Quick Response (QR) Code is a two-dimensional variant of the barcode that is often constructed out of patterns of black and white pixels. They were designed for identifying components by Denso Wave, a Japanese subsidiary of the Toyota supplier Denso.

Their purpose was to speed up the logistics processes involved in the assembly of Toyota automobiles. Now, with the broad adoption of smartphones, it has made its way into mobile marketing. This is a relatively new development.

The term "Quick Response," which is abbreviated as "QR," refers to the prompt access to the information that is concealed in the Code.

Because of the many uses to which they can be put, they are rising in favor. You can use them to collect feedback in order to enhance the quality of your products or services, increase client engagement through photographs or videos, or even advertise your company through the use of events and coupons. One scan is all that is required to do all of these tasks!

It's possible that a QR Code reader or scanner is already installed on your device, but this will depend on the specifics of your setup. Launch the camera application on your mobile device, and while holding it over the Code for a few seconds, a notification should appear on your screen. If this does not take place, you will need to check your settings to determine whether or not QR Code scanning is enabled. Still not working? Don't be alarmed; all you need to do at this point is download and install third-party QR Code readers from the app stores on your devices.

Enhance the quality of your resources immediately.

You can add QR Codes that can be edited and tracked to anything you want, and the customization and branding options are complete.

How can I make a QR code without paying for it?

We'll walk you through the process in just three easy steps.

Choose the appropriate kind

URL, vCard, Plain Text, Email, SMS, Twitter, WiFi, and Bitcoin are the options from which you can select. On the other hand, these free QR Codes are neither customizable nor trackable in any way.

Provide the missing information

Please fill out all of the required fields with the appropriate information. This might be a link, contact information, text, or any other kind of information you want to provide. Once you're done, select "Generate."

Save the QR Code to your computer.

You have the option of having a basic black-and-white design, or you can select colors and frames to assist you in attracting a greater number of scans. If not, you can move on to downloading your completed code.

Unlock even more amazing features of the QR Code.

You may put your company logo in the middle of your QR Code, you can generate many QR Codes at once, you can communicate with your team, and a lot more.

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Platform for Bitly Connections by Bitly

QR Code Generator and Bitly are collaborating to develop a comprehensive Connections Platform as a result of their merger. Create frictionless connections with your audience through the use of branded links, customizable QR codes, and link-in-bios. We transform each link and scan into a factor that contributes to connection.

Link Management

A cutting-edge method that transforms each link into a potential connecting point for your audience and the information that they are seeing.

Scalable URL shortening tool.
Create custom links
Follow the progress of your campaigns with a single URL.
Create redirects for your URLs.

QR Code Generator

A comprehensive system that integrates offline and online marketing, monitors KPIs in real time, and brands QR Codes for your business.

Create QR Codes that are entirely tailored to your needs.
Construct landing pages that are built in.
Monitor all of your campaigns with a single search.
Utilize APIs provided by outside parties.


Your audience will have an easier time finding your links and material on social media if you have a microsite or link menu that is powered by link management.

Make sure all of your social media sites have branded URLs.
Create landing pages that are unique to your business.
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Create an index, take control of it, and distribute it.

What kinds of QR Codes are available for me to generate at no cost?

We provide you with Static QR Codes that do not cost anything and do not have a time limit on their use. Once it has been generated, it will always remain yours, but you won't be able to modify the information or keep track of how many times it has been scanned.

When in doubt, go PRO

There is no room for error in any of our Dynamic QR Codes. Made a typo? Fixed. Link no longer working? Replaced. Outdated photos or computer files? Refreshed.

Have more questions?

It is a specialized tool that can produce a wide variety of QR Codes in their various forms. You may use our generator to generate QR Codes to do a wide variety of things, including opening a webpage, viewing a PDF file, listening to music, watching videos on YouTube, storing image files, connecting to a WiFi network, and many other things. Discover the various kinds that are available here.

There is no charge associated with any of our Static QR Codes. This includes the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), vCard, plain text, email, short message service (SMS), Twitter, WiFi, and Bitcoin. After they have been made, they are yours to keep permanently. You won't be able to make any changes to the content, which is the single disadvantage of these types; therefore, you should always test them to ensure that they function properly before printing them.


Because they are so versatile, QR Codes are able to store a wide variety of information that may be tailored to suit your requirements. It has the capability of storing a URL, which will make it simpler for you to open a page on the internet by simply scanning it. It also has the capability to keep contact details, allowing you to save information on your phone without having to manually put in the person's name, phone number, and email address each time. However, this is obviously only the tip of the iceberg; more examples of possible applications can be seen on this page.

With our PRO edition, that is indeed a viable option. You are able to keep track of the number of scans, as well as the location and time of each scan. It is also possible to determine the type of computer operating system that your audience makes use of on their mobile devices. All of these indicators are essential for you to measure the success of your efforts and put that information to use to either enhance or even expand.

QR Codes that are static can be used for as long as you like and will never become invalid. The only time the Code could ever "expire" is if the link were to be modified or removed, in which case it would no longer be scannable. We strongly recommend that you make use of dynamic codes so that you can exercise complete control over the website's content and links, regardless of the circumstances. In addition to that, it offers a wide variety of additional benefits for your campaigns.

A Static Code cannot be altered after it has been formed, and its scanning cannot be traced in any way. On the other hand, Dynamic Code is extremely malleable and is almost impossible to damage in any way. Even after it has been printed, you are able to alter the material, change or add links, and correct errors. You are also able to track the total number of scans, in addition to where and when they occurred.

After registering, you will have access to our generator for a period of 14 days during which you will be able to test out all of its features at no cost. There, you may generate both static and dynamic QR Codes, design with colors and logos, select frames, store designs as templates, update the short URLs, set up your own website, add members to your team, and take advantage of a great deal of other interesting features.

Making and putting together

Yes. This is due to the fact that they have forty distinct versions, each of which has four error correction levels and eight different masking options. This indicates that there are 1280 distinct QR Codes that can be generated from any given input. However, only versions 1-7 are used for marketing purposes; therefore, our generator will typically choose the best version based on the amount of data stored and the best mask to produce a better image in terms of readability. This decision is made based on the amount of data stored in each version.

Definitely! To activate this function, you will need to sign up for an account with our PRO version, however you are welcome to test out all of the features for free for a period of 14 days!

Absolutely not. You are free to use the colors of your company or brand, or any color that strikes your fancy. Using the notation #RRGGBB, there are 16,777,216 different colors; therefore, you are free to experiment with the color picker.

Absolutely! After the document has been printed, you are able to make modifications to the content, such as changing a link or correcting a typo. This indicates that you do not need to reprint a new QR Code every time you modify the information it contains (unless you change the design of the code). Nevertheless, our PRO edition is the only one that includes this functionality.

Printing and Scanning Services

You can save them to your computer in JPG format with a high resolution. Signing up for an account is required in order to download in PNG, SVG, or even EPS format. Please be aware that if you need the QR Code image in EPS format, we can only provide it in black and white and without any graphics. This is the only option we have.

You need to be familiar with the appropriate dimensions, choose colors that contrast well, and always test it before you print it. We have created a printing guide in order to assist you in launching the most successful marketing campaign and avoiding errors that are financially detrimental.

Simply launch the camera application on your iOS smartphone, position it so that it is focused on a QR Code, and wait for a notice to appear. Same thing goes for Android or other mobile devices, with the exception that if nothing happens, you should probably check your settings to see if QR Code scanning is turned on. If that doesn't work, look through your app store for a dependable QR Code reader; the most of them are free.

Yes! The primary camera software for iOS and Android devices comes pre-installed with a QR Code scanner for the vast majority of users. Launch the camera app, and while holding it over any Codes, wait for a notification to appear on your screen. To scan the Codes, you don't even need to push any buttons on your device.

They do not have a maximum number of scans, no.

There are a variety of possible explanations for this. There is a possibility that a scanner will be unable to read your QR Code because it is unclear or because there is not enough contrast between the Code and the background. To keep things straightforward, just keep in mind that the foreground should be darker than the backdrop at all times. If you want the greatest possible result from your printing, make sure to follow our instructions first.

Simply launch the camera app on your Apple iPhone, position it so that it is focused on the Code, and keep it there until a notification appears. You can utilize the same technique even if you are working with an Android-based mobile device. If you tried it and it didn't work, you should check the settings to see if the QR Code scanning feature is turned on. A third-party QR Code scanner can be easily downloaded from your device's app store, and the vast majority of these scanners are free to use.

If you are printing on product that ranges from tiny to medium in size, such as business cards or flyers, the Codes that you use should be at least 2 cm by 2 cm (around 0.8 x 0.8 in).

Your one-stop shop for anything related to QR Code marketing.

You can now completely personalize your QR Codes with the colors of your brand and the emblem of your firm, obtain scan statistics, and even alter the text after it has been printed.





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