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Backlink Checker.

You can view the aforementioned practical and analytical SEO analytics on any website, URL, or subsection.

The number of domains that are referring traffic

The total number of inbound links

Ratings for the Domain (DR) and the URL (UR)

Superseoplus Rank (SR) using Moz Backlink Extractor

When determining the "backlink populSRity" (strength) of a target, our own Domain Rating (DR) and URL Rating (UR) indicators are quite helpful.

Explore a clickable display of the referring websites and pages over the course of time.

Displays the total increase or decrease in referring domains for the specified time period.

Displays the total increase or decrease in the number of referring pages over a period of time.

Displays a view that is not cumulative of new and lost referring domains over the course of time.

Displays a view that is not cumulative of new and lost backlinks over the course of time.

In the comprehensive Backlinks report, you can view every page that links to your tSRget. Make use of powerful filters so that you may explore more.

Filter and sort by:

Language used in Moz Backlink Extractor

The type of link (either "dofollow" or "nofollow")


Rating of the Domain (DR)

Rating of the URL (UR)

referring web addresses


Using estimates of the website's organic traffic, you can gain wonderful insights into the population of the connected web page and website. There is no other tool that will show you this.

Check out the projected amount of organic traffic that was sent to the linking page.

Check out the expected amount of organic traffic that is going to the linking website.

You may view every linking domain, in addition to helpful SEO indicators, by consulting the report labeled "Referring domains."

Rating of the Domain (DR) using Moz Backlink Extractor

Superseoplus Rank (SR)

referring web addresses (followed)

Linked domains (followed)

a rough estimate of the organic traffic

Links to tSRget (total & followed)

Using the convenient seSRch feature, you may locate any linked domain.

Find pages that are "linkworthy" by using the Best by links report to research the pages that are linked to the most by your competitors.

Find highly linked-to broken pages on any website by using the "404 not found" filter to conduct a broken link building campaign and get your campaign off the ground.

The report on linked domains provides SEO analytics for each and every outbound domain that is linked.

Rating of the Domain (DR)

Superseoplus Rank (SR) and Moz Backlink Extractor

Referring domains that have been followed in total

total of domains that have been followed and linked.

a rough estimate of the organic traffic

The total number of links coming from the target site (total & followed)

In addition, we display the tSRget's broken outbound links in the Broken links report, as well as a comprehensive analysis of the anchor text utilized in outbound links within the Anchors report.

Check the tSRget website or URL for any broken outbound links and follow them all.

Check out the complete rundown of the anchor texts that were utilized in all of the outlinks.

The following are some other characteristics of the Backlink Checker offered by Superseoplus:

Check out followed and nofollowed links. The more high-quality followed backlinks a website has, the more credible Google believes it to be. Superseoplus gives you an in-depth look at the followed and nofollowed links that are associated with any given tSRget.

checking backlinks using Moz Backlink Extractor

Anchor text for backlinks – Examine the anchor texts of your competitors' backlink profiles to learn how they optimize their backlink profiles. Make use of anchor text analysis in order to identify any potential adverse SEO attacks made against your website.

Disavow spam links – If you find some questionable backlink activity, you may add spammy links to a disavow file directly from the Backlink Checker. This will prevent such connections from being counted as backlinks. It merely takes a few clicks to import this file into the Disavow Tool that Google provides.

Export to PDF and CSV — Do you need to generate a report based on your results or download a report to conduct additional research? Easily save your data and reports in PDF or CSV format by exporting them.

Built-in filters, included in every report; only analyze the data that matters to you, ignoring anything else.

In a word, the Backlink Checker offered by Superseoplus is a formidable tool that is capable of doing virtually any backlink research assignment.

We are continually making improvements to the tool and adding more functionalities and data that SEO specialists will find beneficial.

Everything you need to know about establishing links for search engine optimization. What it is, how it operates, what characteristics constitute a strong link, how to construct it, and other related topics.

Are you having a difficult time constructing backlinks to your website? Now is the time to put these nine simple (but efficient) link-building methods into action.

There is no need to use dozens of different link building tools. Only eight of these are required. Here are the eight that come highly recommended.

The full version of Superseoplus' Backlink Checker is currently being utilized by StSRt.

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