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The Long Tail Keyword Suggestion Tool that we provide is a dream tool for webmasters, marketers, and bloggers who want to increase the amount of traffic that they receive from search engines, notably Google.

About This Tool for Suggesting Long-Tail Keywords

Internet marketers who have been in the business for some time now have, to a large extent, a good understanding of how website users look for certain items or services on the World Wide Web. When visitors conduct a search, they typically not only enter a single word but also three, four, or even more words altogether.

They are aware of both the target of their search and its location. For instance, a traveler who is interested in spending the holidays in the Bahamas with his family will not include the single term "holidays" into the search query.

This person will enter "family vacation in the Bahamas" in the contest. The site visitor is aware that typing a single keyword into the search engine will result in the return of millions of sites, none of which will be relevant to what he or she is looking for.

If a visitor enters four or five keywords, however, the search engine will only return websites that include those particular phrases. Now this will be useful for the guest, and the list of locations that he or she would wish to investigate will be provided.

Internet marketers are familiar with this idea, and they search for keywords with a long tailed phrase format to include on their websites. They want people who are looking for products or services that they are marketing to visit their website, and the only way they can get this traffic is by using long tail keywords in the pages of their website.

They also want people who are looking for products or services that they are marketing to visit their website. The search engines are incredibly intelligent and smart, and they keep a record in their databases of the long-tail keywords that websites are using.

Therefore, when a user types particular terms, the search engine will only display webpages that are relevant to those keywords. In this illustration, the search engines would utilize the phrases 'family holidays the Bahamas' and 'holidays Bahamas' to fetch pages that fit their criteria for keyword relevance.

Keywords with a very long tail

Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases that are three, four, or five words in length and are specific to the products or services that your website is marketing. When a buyer enters a search query that is quite particular, you may assume that they already have a good idea of what it is that they want to buy.

If the website provides precisely what it is that the buyer is looking for, then the majority of the time, these targeted searches will result in sales. Customers will conduct generic searches when they are visiting several websites to become familiar with the products and services provided by each one.

It's the same as looking in store windows.

Customers who are searching for a certain product can be attracted to a business using long-tail keywords. Let's say a potential buyer becomes interested in a particular product. He will look for online stores that carry that particular item.

For illustration's sake, let's presume the consumer is interested in electric bicycles. These two keywords will cause the search engines to return all of the websites that contain them. Now he is going to launch a website that compiles a list of the top electric motorcycles. He is going to look at all of them and decide which one he wants to purchase.

Let's imagine that he enjoys riding the Airbike MX5 model. After this, he will look for that particular bicycle.

It is the place where search engines find it much simpler to rank pages for extremely specific multi-phrase long-tail keywords. If you are an internet marketer and you employ generic words as keywords, you will most likely encounter a great deal of competition from websites that already have high rankings.

You will not be able to compete successfully against well-known websites such as,,,, and others. As a result, you need to search for appropriate long-tail keywords to use throughout the pages of your website.

Wonderful News

Websites with a greater number of pages are preferred by Google. It says that in order to be successful as an online marketer, you should focus on targeting people who conduct searches using long-tail keywords. You will need to construct more pages because there are so many different permutations of long tail keywords that people could use to find what you are providing online. These people could then make a purchase from you.

Always keep in mind that the only thing your unique pages need to be is variations of your primary product page. Make sure that the lengthy keyword phrase is included in the title of each page. Therefore, instead of concentrating on just three or four highly competitive keywords, seek long-tail keywords that are simple to rank for.

You will need to utilize a combination of focused keywords and long tail keywords in the content of the pages that make up your website in order to attract the most possible visitors. You will see an increase in the number of visitors to your website proportionate to the number of pages you have on your website that have long-tail keywords in the title or description of those pages.

In order to advertise your video on YouTube, you should do some research on the YouTube keyword list and the popular YouTube tags list. If you are marketing your video to the YouTube audience.

Long tail keyword suggestion

Now that we understand what long tail keywords are, the next step is to locate a list of those keywords that are relevant to the products or services that we are attempting to offer on our website. We are familiar not only with the things that we sell but also with the regions from which we seek to attract customers.

Locate the long tail keyword generator on the website using the search browser you're using. Alternatively, you may cut and paste the address into the address bar of your web browser.

Now, within the display, go ahead and type in "seed list." Simply type in the keywords you want it to utilize to generate the long tail keywords. After you have typed those, choose the 'Provider' option; it will automatically default to Google, but if you click on the arrow, it will display a selection of other providers;

Yahoo \sBing \seBay \sAmazon

You have the option of choosing the supplier that you want to focus on. The next step is to choose the language and country that you will be marketing to. It will present a list of keywords that have been suggested. You have the option of copying and pasting the list, as well as exporting it to a worksheet in Excel.

You are now able to construct your internet marketing strategy with the help of the list of long-tail keywords that was generated by this inventive and useful tool. You have a pretty good notion of what those lagging customers enter into their search queries, and if you sell the things in question, you can construct web pages to target those clients specifically if you sell those products.

When you include long-tail keywords on the pages of your website, you will see an increase in traffic. Additionally, it will improve your rating on the most widely used search engines, which is one of the two primary objectives that every internet marketer strives to realize.

Make use of this free long tail keyword tool, and in addition to that, you can use the Google keyword planner tool while formulating a strategy for your website. Keep in mind that long tail keywords are more specific than generic phrases, and that using them will help your website rank higher in search results.




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