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Image Crop Tool for Designers, Photographers & Artists

Product Description: This free online image editor allows you to crop images from your computer monitor. It’s simple to use and has many useful features.
• Easy to use
• Many options
• Free
• Save time cropping photos
• Easily share cropped images
• Share cropped images via social media


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Image cropping tool that may be used online.
Online image cropping service.

How do I crop an image using the online service?

Using the image cropper on Superseoplus makes it simple. Learn how to crop photo and image files without having to pay anything extra.

You can upload the photo or picture that you wish to trim from either your local hard disk, an online cloud storage service, or a URL.

The picture will eventually appear on the canvas. You have the option of cropping the image by moving the crop area or entering a custom size in this section.

In need of a predetermined crop ratio? Select one from the available templates, and then reposition your choice wherever you like. After that, you should make sure to click "Apply" and "Save File" before moving on. You also have the option of selecting the image format you want to use for the file.

Merely clipping the image

As its name suggests, the "crop image" function is only available for use with photographs and other image files. This indicates that it will only function properly if an image to be cropped is uploaded beforehand. Other files, such as documents, will not be opened.

After you have finished cropping the image to your liking, you have the option of saving it in a variety of different file formats. You can find a list of them below.


Alternatives for cropping images

What kinds of options are available to you for cropping pictures and photos? Read on to find out:

You can acquire the exact part of the picture that you want by adjusting the crop area to a specific size and then moving it about.

Pick a ratio that's already been specified. Any changes you make to the size of the crop area will always take into account the ratio that you have specified.

You can get the exact portion of your photo or image that you want to crop by using the crop area that is located in the preview.

Your files are safe

There are a number of precautions that Superseoplus takes to ensure the security of your files.

To begin, nobody will peek at your pictures because they are private. Our servers, which are protected by SSH, conduct all of the conversions and editing for us.

In addition, you continue to retain ownership of all rights. We make no claim to any intellectual property rights about the materials that are uploaded, altered, or downloaded via Superseoplus.

Check out our Privacy Policy if you want more information.

Additional options for cropping images

After you have cropped your photo to the size you want, you have access to even more image editing tools before you save your file.

There are some more adjustments that may be made to your cropped image on the sidebar, which you can turn on and off as needed. You are able to edit the filename, set the DPI, and for JPG and PNG images, you are also able to specify the desired image quality. All of these options are located next to the destination format. The latter may have an effect on the total size of the image file that you save. When the quality is reduced, the file will have a lesser size.

Photos can be cropped online.

From your phone, tablet, desktop computer, or someone else's pc.

Whether from work, when on vacation, at home, or while commuting.

You may trim your photographs and photos with Superseoplus for Instagram, Facebook, uploading them somewhere else, or sending them to your friends and family from almost any location. You will only need a connection to the internet that is operational. You may crop photos and image files while you're on the move with Superseoplus.
Photos can be cropped with ease online.

Photos can be cropped with an easiness that cannot be equaled thanks to our fully customizable aspect ratio presets.

You Can Now Crop Your Photos With Complete Assurance

One of the most popular features of our free online Photo Editor is the Image Crop Tool, which allows users to crop images. It is not a program for resizing images; rather, it is designed to remove unnecessary pixels from the pictures you have taken.

Whether you want to crop the background image in the Photo Editor or crop photo layers for a project in Designer or Collage, using our collection of crop presets will guarantee that you obtain the ideal composition every time.

Utilize our Golden Ratio preset to achieve a timeless crop that will never fail to impress. If you want a picture that's perfectly framed, try out our square crop. Make use of the Freeform crop option to achieve the height and breadth that you desire. You may even take your photography to the next level by selecting one of the many additional picture crop tool presets we have available.

This way, you will never have to worry about worrying about the dimensions, proportions, or aspect ratios of your photos again.

Acquire Command of the Image's Composition

Using presets that enable you to easily adjust the aspect ratio, you may put your images in the best possible perspective so that your photography is centered on the topic. When it comes to editing your photographs, composition is the most important aspect.

You know that picture from your vacation when you look amazing, but there's just much too much going on in the background? Have a beautiful portrait that you took on the beach, but you didn't see that there was a stranger in it? To your good fortune, we have made it ridiculously easy for you to modify and improve the composition of your photographs. In both our Designer and Collage Maker, you may quickly and easily crop image layers to achieve the ideal layout. It is possible to concentrate the viewer's attention solely on the most compelling aspects of an image by editing off any distracting or superfluous components from the shot.

How to Cut Images in Three Straightforward Steps

Online tool that guarantees a perfect crop of the image you upload.

01. Please upload your picture.

Launch our totally free online photo editor and load the original image you want to edit.

02. Utilize the Crop Tool for Images.

Adjust the aspect ratio of your photograph by cropping it.

03. Get it Here and Pass It On

Save the image you've cropped to your computer, then upload it directly to the social media platforms of your choice.




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