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Almost every website is capable of having a Flag Counter added to it. The only requirement is that the website should be able to display photographs. An easy graphic to understand is the flag counter.

Which websites are compatible with Flag Counter's use?

The number of people who have already been tallied is anyone who views the image of your flag counter.
Do individuals need to click on my Flag Counter for it to register a new visitor?

In the area titled "Flag Counter Management," you have the ability to handle many extra settings and features associated with your counter. Access will only be granted to you if you made the decision to register your counter at the time that you initially built it by providing your email address.

To get there, simply right-click in the top right corner of the screen where your counter is shown and select the "Flag Counter Management" link. Because there is no global login page, this link will take you directly to the page for your counter.

Where can I find more information on the Flag Counter Management area and how can I access it?
You have the option of installing a cookie in your browser that will stop the number of times that your personal visits are counted.

If this is not the case, a unique user will only be counted once each day by default. You also have the option of setting it so that a repeat visitor is tallied once per week, every three days, or every eight hours. V

isit the Flag Counter Management area of your counter to learn how to establish a cookie that will prevent the number of your own visits from being counted. Alternately, if you did not register your counter, scroll all the way to the bottom of the first page that is displayed after clicking on the image of your counter, and then click the "Ignore this browser" link that is located at the very bottom of the page.

Will the visits that I make to my own website be tallied in the Flag Counter?
You are the one who decides when someone should be counted as a "visitor" to your site. Depending on what you would like, someone can add a visit once every week, every three days, once every three days, or once every eight hours.

The default frequency is once every twenty-four hours. On the other hand, a new pageview is tallied whenever one of your counter's individual elements is loaded. Therefore, if the page were to be "reloaded" after a few minutes, it would count as a pageview, but the user would not count as a new visitor (and not add a new flag). If they came back the next day, we would count them as a new visitor and give them a flag (unless your repeat visitor preference is 3 days or 7 days).

What is the distinction between "visitors" and "pageviews" on a website? When does someone become a guest?

If you registered your counter, you can look for information about it in the email you used when you registered it. If this is not the case, and you are aware of the URL of the page containing your statistics, please follow the steps located in Modifying Your Flag Counter in order to regenerate your HTML code.

If you are unable to locate your Flag Counter code or the URL of the page containing your statistics, you should search the internet for cached copies of your site. If you find one, it will likely contain your counter. CachedPages.com is a wonderful spot to begin your search.

I can't find the code for the Flag Counter! What do I do?

We provide a Flag Counter Pro service that is available at a price that is quite reasonable. Not only will it get rid of the logo, but it will also provide a great deal of new functionality. Simply navigate to your Flag Counter and click on the "Upgrade" link to view the specifics of this offer.

Is it possible for me to get rid of the Flag Counter logo on my Flag Counter?

You are able to acquire regional flags from both the United States and Canada if you use the free counters. Using our Flag Counter Pro service, you'll be able to collect even more flags from different regions. To upgrade, navigate to any of your statistics pages and look for the link labeled "Upgrade" in the top right corner. Users of Flag Counter Pro have the option to collect regional flags from dozens of additional nations, and purchasing a membership will unlock several other cool additional features.

How do I amass flags from different regions?

The changes that are made to your statistics page are made in real time. This is the page that visitors arrive at after clicking on your counter. However, in order for us to make the most efficient use of our resources, the Flag Counter graphic that is displayed on your website has been pushed back by about 5 minutes (except with Flag Counter Pro).

When is the next time my Flag Counter will be updated?

Please check to be that the code for your counter has been included on each and every page of your website. It is possible that the individual in question went to one of your pages that does not have your counter installed. We are only able to count a visitor if they load the Flag Counter image into their browser.

If they are unable to view the image, then we are unable to view them. If you are able to see their visit after clicking on your counter, but not on your website, you will probably want to increase the value of "maxflags." Find out more by reading on.

Why doesn't the visitor's IP address show up on the counter when I know that someone from ________ visited my site?
We employ a cutting-edge geolocation system that features a database that is kept up to date on a consistent basis, which enables us to identify nations with an accuracy of over 99%.

This product incorporates MaxMind's GeoLite2 data, which may be downloaded from their website at http://www.maxmind.com.

How are you able to determine the nation that a visitor is from?
We will remove counters from our service if there hasn't been a new visitor signed in for more than a month (unless you have Flag Counter Pro). This helps to ensure that our resources are conserved for the benefit of our clients who are making use of our service.

If my website doesn't have a lot of visitors, are you going to delete my counter?
You can broaden your visitor details to see what part of the country your visitors are coming from by clicking the "+" icon, which gives you the option to do so. Free Flag Counters give you the opportunity to gather different regional flags from across the United States and Canada. With the Flag Counter Pro upgrade, you'll have access to more than 2,000 extra regions to gather.

What do the plus signs next to the names of the countries mean?
Our service will not add a new flag for a country until after you have had a visitor from that country. You will begin the game with no flags; however, the very first time you see your counter, the flag of your home nation will be added. Do you wish to inform people about your newly acquired Flag Counter? You can begin your flag collection in the "Request Flags" area of the Flag Counter Forum by providing a link to your website in this part. This is an excellent place to start your collection.

I selected fifty flags; however, my counter does not reflect any of them. Why is this?
If you want the second website to have its own count, you will need to make sure that you build a second code for the Flag Counter. When you apply the same code to numerous locations, all of the visits to those locations will be aggregated together.

After adding my Flag Counter to two separate websites, I discovered that both of them now display the same information. Where did we go wrong?
When you were creating your Flag Counter, you were given the option to select the maximum amount of flags that will be displayed.

Many individuals choose to highlight only a few of the countries that are most important to them. On the other hand, this can be raised at any given time. Examining the code for your Flag Counter and changing "maxflags 12" to "maxflags 100" is the quickest and easiest method to accomplish this (or whatever number you would like it to be, up to 255). For further information, kindly refer to the section entitled "Modifying Your Flag Counter."

I don't understand why my counter can only hold a maximum of 12 flags.
We do, in fact, support SSL. If you have an older counter code, you may need to utilize the Regenerate HTML tool that comes with your counter in order to take advantage of this; alternatively, you can manually update any instances of "http" in your code to "https."

If I use Flag Counter on a website that uses SSL encryption, would my web browser still display a warning?
Flag Counter Pro provides users with access to a wide variety of features that are absent from our free counters. Follow the "Upgrade" option, which is located in the top right corner of your statistics page, to view all of the information and upgrade at this time (the page reached after clicking on your Flag Counter). Both methods, using either PayPal or any major credit card, will immediately increase your counter despite the low yearly charge of only $29.99 that we require.

What are the steps I need to take to upgrade to Flag Counter Pro?
We are sorry to hear that you would like to cancel. Please get in touch with us if there is anything that we can do to assist you. You have the ability to cancel at any moment via the Flag Counter Management section if you paid with a credit card. Please sign in to your PayPal account if you paid using that service.

To view your past orders, go to the "My Account" button at the top of the page and then select the "History" option. If you do not see your subscription listed below, broaden the range of dates to encompass the time you initially subscribed, and then select Subscriptions from the drop-down menu under More filters. Followed by clicking the Cancel Subscription button, you can access the details of your subscription payment by clicking the link that says Details.

Where can I find the instructions for canceling my Flag Counter Pro subscription?
There is absolutely nothing that you need to do. Simply removing the code that you just inserted to your website is all that is required of you at this point. Your counter will be reset to zero at some point because of its lack of activity.

We will miss having you here with us! Please be aware that accounts for Flag Counter Pro are not subject to termination for inactivity and will continue to stay active so long as your subscription is in good standing.

Where can I find the instructions for closing my Flag Counter account?





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