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  • The CSV text must have a header row.
  • This utility does not currently check for escaped quotes inside of like quotes (e.g.: "foo, \"bar\" baz").

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About CSV to JSON free online conversion tool

CSV to JSON Converter free online

csv to JSON tool offered by Superseoplus allows you to Perform the CSV to JSON conversion for free and easily.

Pick one of these five JSON conversions from the options that are provided by this tool:

Converting CSV to JSON results in an array of JSON structures that are identical to those in your CSV, as well as nested JSON that is triggered by column headers and JSONLines (MongoDB) mode.

CSV to Keyed JSON - Generates JSON with the supplied key field as the key value to a structure comprising the remaining fields. This type of structure is also known as an associative array or a hash table. If the value of the key field is not unique, then the "keyvalue" will be "object," and if it is not, it will be "keyvalue": ["object1," "object2,"..."].

An array of CSV values in which the CSV values themselves are in an array, or a structure with column names and data as an array, is referred to as a CSV to JSON Array.

Column Array in CSV to JSON Definition: An array of CSV values in which each column of values is in an array

Generate JSON Using Templates - With the help of our template engine, you can effortlessly personalize your JSON output NEW

Detection of numeric numbers, logical values, and nulls, all performed automatically

From TSV to JSON and CSV to JSON

What do my choices consist of?

You can choose whether to use upper or lower case for the names of your attributes.

You can select a maximum number of records to be processed.

Choose whatever fields you want to export, as well as reorder the JSON fields.

Apply filters to the JSON output with the help of the query tool.

Utilizing the slash character (/) in the column headings of the CSV file will provide nested JSON output. Duplicate column names or notations such as /0, /1,... in the heading are used to generate arrays. Check out the NEW Output Options here.

Before converting the data to JSON format, sort the CSV files in either ascending or descending order.

The value of NULL in CSV will be converted to null in JSON.

You have the option of outputting null rather than the string "" when a field is empty.

If the field value is empty, you have the option of not writing out the field: value. View Available Output Settings

The JSON Lines Mode and the Terse Mode each have one object per line and do not use commas to separate the objects.

Include the top-level name of the property in the JSON output NEW View Available Output Settings
Additional information regarding the CSV to JSON Tool can be found online.
The safe and simple data converter that can be done online.

Csvjson is a tool that facilitates the rapid conversion of common data formats into the format that is required. Any data that is copied, pasted, or transformed stays on your local computer.

CSV, which stands for "Comma Separated Values," is a file format that is commonly associated with spreadsheet software like Excel and is used extensively for tabular data. The CSV file format is used by many of the data reporting systems.

JSON is an acronym that stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It has quickly become the standard computer format for storing structured data that is understandable by humans. JSON is currently used for everything, from application programming interfaces to configuration files.

The acronym "SQL" stands for "Structured Query Language," and it is the language that is used universally across all relational database management systems. In the world of technology, Structured Query Language (SQL) is among the most popular languages.

As software developers, one of the tasks that we occasionally have to perform is format conversion. When we explore online for answers and resources, we frequently discover that they only partially satisfy our requirements. Flatfile is pleased to make available to the community the csvjson converter, which is a do-it-yourself csv converter. What is the best aspect of it? You have the option to store your session for subsequent use and even discuss it with a colleague.

Bootstrap was upgraded to version 5.

Integrated design for the Flatfile Corporation's sponsorship.

JSON to CSV error corrections Excel suffered from a lack of accented character preservation due to a missing BOM. Issue #78 on GitHub has been fixed. We are grateful to EL BAZA for their reporting.

JSON Beautifier enhancement. When inlining short arrays, variable width should be used. in order to resolve problem #76 on GitHub. We would like to thank galileo-pkm for their reporting.

Fixed an issue in which attempting to upload a file would take you to the result box rather than the json box. GitHub ticket number 75. We appreciate Emily's reporting on this.

Fixing an issue in the conversion from CSV to JSON involves looking for duplicate column headers and ensuring that each one is distinct. GitHub issue #71. I appreciate Summer's reporting on this.

Function is now offered for download as a npm package. Function is now offered for download as a npm package.

json2csvjson beautifier

Function is now offered for download as a npm package.

csv2json tool

Enhancement: the download button now no longer has a 64k limit.

Statement regarding the confidentiality of the data as well as enhancements to Data Janitor

In order to execute data cleansing and transformation in Excel and Google Sheets, a new tool called Data Janitor has been added.

Added a button to copy content to the clipboard and upgraded both underscore and backbone to the most recent versions.

JSON Validator, a brand-new utility that validates and formats JSON, has been added. Combines the benefits of an attractive code editor (CodeMirror) with those of an interactive JSON validator.

Added a new tool called CSVJSON to JSON in order to facilitate the conversion of the new CSVJSON format, which is a CSV alternative that was developed by Dror Harari.

Conversion tools for CSV files have been updated to include the CSVJSON format variant (csvjson.org).

JSON to CSV conversion has been added as a new converter.

New button that allows you to either report an issue or suggest improvements.

Issue #26 on GitHub requests support for escaped quotes in SQL to JSON. Thank you very much for reporting, lbottoni.

Correction made to the SQL to JSON parsing problem. Change to the form.


JSON has been made more compact with the addition of a minify option, which removes spaces and new lines. Correction made for GitHub Issue #21 We are grateful to Myat Min Soe for having requested this function.

Correction made to the SQL to JSON parsing problem. Do not split the string when a comma is found in the value of the string: GitHub Issue #25.

Abimbola Idowu adds the option to use a single quote. GitHub bug report number 23

Fix for an issue in the SQL to JSON parsing: GitHub Issue #22.

Improvements made to CSV to JSON: GitHub Issue #13 - Added option to parse number values or not to maintain the original number formatting

Improvements and bug fixes for the JSON Beautifier: Fixing an issue and making improvements to inline short arrays is GitHub Issue No. 12. Added an option for the nesting depth.

Bug repair for SQL to JSON: support multiple values in single-line INSERT INTO command (GitHub Issue #11)

Inline short arrays did not function correctly prior to this bug fix for the JSON Beautifier. GitHub issue #9

CSV to JSON problem fix: if a field in the CSV file does not include any text, the default value for that field is now 0 (zero).

Bug repair for the CSV to JSON converter: strings that contained quotes and commas were chopped prematurely.

Make the repository on GitHub available to the public once more. Restored access for the neighborhood.


Added the following options to JSON from CSV:

Any data that is pasted and converted using csvjson stays local on your device. The data is never actually transmitted to the server.

The following are three exceptions:

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