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email marketing automation platform comparison

Drip vs. Sendinblue vs. ConvertKit vs. Mailchimp vs. Mailjet vs. Infusionsoft
Email marketing automation is an interesting notion that can give you a plethora of benefits without requiring you to do much effort on a regular basis.

For instance, current data indicates that businesses that leverage automation tools create twice the number of leads as those who rely solely on broadcast emails.

In other words, if your business conducts business online, I believe that this entire email marketing automation process might make a significant difference.

To assist you, today we'll address the elephant in the room and eliminate the primary roadblock you're likely to encounter - which of the main email marketing automation solutions to choose. This comparison is relevant here.

The following table compares and tests the six best-automated email marketing platforms.
What characteristics define the ideal email marketing automation tool?
Before we go into the various tools and their associated benefits and drawbacks, let us clarify our objective - what makes the greatest email marketing tools and how they differ from conventional email services.

Consider the following key factors:

The first capability we seek is the ability to establish sophisticated communication sequences. Not only "a person subscribes — the subscriber receives a gift — the subscriber receives a gift — the subscriber receives a gift — the subscriber receives a gift — the subscriber receives a gift
We need something that allows for different email messages to be delivered based on a person's activity or inactivity, that allows for many communication pathways to exist concurrently, and that allows for the same individual to participate in multiple communication paths.
We also require advanced statistics. These include the efficiency of a complete chain of clicks/conversions on individual e-mails, the identification of communication bottlenecks (locations where individuals frequently abandon their efforts), and so on.
We'd want to see something akin to "subscriber individuals" - a panel that shows how a particular person interacts with our messages, the sequences they've traversed, and their overall involvement throughout the event.
Finally, interaction with e-commerce platforms is critical. After all, if we can benefit from automated emails anyplace, it's certainly in e-commerce. If someone purchases, abandons their basket, purchases certain products, views the product page numerous times but does not purchase (maybe sending them a discount code), etc., you'd like to send emails.
For this comparison, we've chosen the following best automation e-mail marketing tools:

Sendin bleu
Dripping Dripping
Infusions douces

Round 1: Pricing versus.
All right, this is the primary information that everyone wants to know, so let's get it out of the way first.

And this already demonstrates some pretty fascinating distinctions. The most effective automated email marketing solutions can be classified into two categories:

provide you with an infinite number of contacts; however, they restrict the number of emails you can send to yourself (Sendinblue, Mailjet) and the number of contacts you can transmit to others.
As a result, some tools are more affordable when you send a large number of emails to a small list, while others are more affordable when your list is larger but you contact with it less regularly.

That is what you will receive from each rival, and it will cost you - The greatest automated email marketing solutions are reasonably priced. DETAILS INCLUDED:
Here's an intriguing Sendinblue case. All subscriptions provide an infinite number of contacts, but only as long as you send email campaigns on a regular basis. The marketing automation features are governed by distinct rules. 2,000 contacts are limited until you pay $66+/m; at this point, you also get unlimited marketing automation contacts.

On a related issue, each time I return to check on them, Mailchimp's pricing continue to escalate. They've had this pricing calculator based on the size of your list for some time now. It's a wonderful idea, but you'll quickly discover how expensive chimps can be.

Additionally, Infusionsoft is fairly costly. Or, more precisely, the most expensive choice here for small contact lists. Additionally, there is a one-time $299-$1,999 on board cost, which, while I'm sure is very useful, does not entice you to fire them.

Round 2: Email marketing automation features
Each tool is quite powerful in terms of marketing automation capabilities:
Sendinblue marketing automation sendinblue
Sendinblue is serious about its marketing automation capabilities. As in, so grave! They even have a dedicated automation area in the main menu, which is only the tip of the iceberg.

Sendinblue enables you to develop and run numerous workflows concurrently. Additionally, you can operate with the same contact lists. Additionally, you may connect them to a chain (a contact completes one workflow — a feature that is not usual among the finest email marketing solutions.

Sendinblue enables you to choose from a limited number of input points for each workflow:
The term "email activity" encompasses both campaign-related and transactional email activity.
Contact details include information such as an anniversary, the addition of a contact to a list, and so on.
The term "Site Activity" refers to actions such as browsing a page, clicking on a link, and other similar actions.
Interestingly, workflows can have several input points.

You can then add a variety of additional measures and criteria based on your objectives:
As you can see, Sendinblue is platform-agnostic, and "send an email" is simply one of many capabilities.

Additionally, the presence of a 'if' clause enables you to accomplish incredible feats. For example, if you purchased a contact from you, you can send one email and then another if they did not respond. Alternatively, send one email if a link is clicked and another if it is not. The possibilities are limitless.
Once the workflow is complete, you can modify or add/remove specific features from a list.

Finally, when building a new workflow, you can choose from a variety of pre-built sequences:
That is extremely basic, but it enables you to jumpstart your learning process significantly.

Sendinblue is an excellent pick if you're serious about learning about email automation and the numerous things it can do. Their powerful workflow tools are quite outstanding. Here's more information on Sendinblue's automation tools.

Mailchimp marketing automation
To summarise Mailchimp's marketing automation approach, you get a big number of automation to choose from, but they are all quite shallow.

And, to be clear, Mailchimp is excellent, but there is a dearth of information on how to automate correspondence.

That is to say, Mailchimp enables you to accomplish a great deal:

Send a welcome sequence of emails to new subscribers with whatever material you like.
Series of orientation sessions or training courses
Return abandoned carts
Keeping track of purchases
Customize your initial contact with a customer's order notifications
Reward for frequent purchasers
Customers who are no longer active

This can be accomplished through the use of a variety of triggers, such as "open campaign" or "click campaign" — a complete list of Mailchimp triggers can be found here.

Parallel sequences based on "if" clauses, on the other hand, are not conceivable. Additionally, it is difficult to tie diverse sequences together.

Even while "parallel sequences" may appear to be a sophisticated feature, they can be extremely useful in simple settings. As an example, suppose you're sending a welcome email and then checking to see if anyone has opened it. If they haven't, send the following email in the sequence.

That is not possible in Mailchimp, as far as I am aware.

On the bright side, Mailchimp offers a variety of pre-built automations in which it suggests specific triggers based on the task at hand. This significantly accelerates the process.




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