Best Free SEO Competitor Analysis Tool

10/21/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in The best free seo tools

Free SEO Competitor Analysis Tool

Free SEO Competitor Analysis Tool: This is the one tool that everyone thinks they need to really dominate their opponents. It is no secret that Google and other search engines have made it extremely hard to rank for your chosen keyword phrase. That is because many webmasters chose keywords that are very competitive but are not used by their competitors. Now, you are probably thinking "If they aren't using them then why are they using them? I am competing for the same exact keywords that they are". Well, the answer to that is simple.

Many webmasters use keywords that others are already using in order to get to the top of the rankings. They do this by using very low-quality articles that only benefit the owner and give them a huge bump in the organic ranking and traffic. What happens when you use Google's free tools is that they will find these and mark them as spam, which hurts your overall page rank and your chances to make money. But you don't want to stop there. You must analyze the competition and find out how they are dominating their market.

To do this, all you need to do is type in your keyword and see what they are ranking for. If it is not obvious that they are dominating the market you then need to look at their website. Are they getting tons of traffic from articles? Or are they getting tons of backlinks just on their landing page, just off of a single sentence? If you find something that looks like this, then you need to go back in your keyword research and play around with their sentences, but more importantly, you need to play with their keywords because if the competition finds ways to dominate your keyword you also end up getting a bad ranking.




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