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10/21/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in The best free seo tools

Free SEO audit tools

In the world of internet marketing, free SEO audit tools have become more important than ever. Many new website owners and SEO experts are using different free tools to analyze their website's SEO effectiveness. While some use paid tools, many others prefer the free version because it is easier to use and understand. So what's the difference between a paid and free version of an online analytical tool?

Basically, a paid tool provides you with SEO reports that show you how your ranking is doing and also gives you detailed instructions on how to improve it. However, the free version does not offer this detailed report or instructions, and there's usually no way to get those. Some SEO tools offer free SEO audits too, but they are often limited in time or resources. In other words, the free versions are more geared towards learning the basics of search engine optimization, rather than providing in-depth reports on a website's SEO effectiveness. They also may only work for smaller sites and/or have certain requirements (such as payment for their services) that a paid tool doesn't need.

Free SEO audit tools include things like web traffic reports, site speed analyzers, analytics, competitor survey tools, competitor intelligence, SEO competitor analysis, and so on. The free version can usually be used to check your site's web server status, download and install most web browser statistics programs, copy code from HTML and PHP files, and so on. But the features provided by the paid versions are often better and more extensive. The must-have tools must include the following: site speed analyzer, website inspector, competitor analysis, link popularity checker, sitemap generator, Google page analysis, search engine submissions checker, and the ability to write HTML code. If a site has these tools, then it's obviously more comprehensive than a free version, which is designed for people who have little or no experience with search engine optimization.





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