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The internet has provided a platform for people to maintain a personal journal. You can express your thoughts, feelings, experiences, passion through blogs. Blogs have given people an outlet to express themselves. Anyone can start a blog of their own, or they can contribute their blogs to someone else’s blog site.

That is if the owner of the blog site is ready to allow others to contribute. WordPress was one of the first organizations to recognize this passion for people to write blogs. They decided to encourage and help people to start their blog sites, and they still promote this. Although WordPress is being used to create other websites, it remains the world leader in helping people set up, run and manage their blog sites.

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People want to express themselves, and previously the only audience that would listen to them would be their family and friends. Newspapers allowed people to write letters to the editor, but it was the editor who would decide whether to publish the letter or ignore it.

Blogging now allows people to express themselves freely on their blog sites. The word blog has many derivatives. A blog is an entry in a personal journal, the person who writes blogs is known as a blogger, and the activity of writing blogs is known as blogging.

Web servers should not be mistaken as comprising of just one powerful computer that is hosting websites. A proper web service provider will have some servers that do other tasks asides from hosting websites.

Each server in the server has a specific role to perform in managing web traffic and protecting websites against malware, virus, and hacker attacks. There are network servers, firewalls, and website servers. All the networks must be operational to provide the service expected from an internet service provider. The network servers are designed and operate to manage the traffic to the web servers; the firewall servers protect against illegal intrusions to the network.

It is the firewall servers that protect the web servers against malware, viruses and hacker attacks, and other illegal intrusion attempts. Web hosting service providers do not depend on installing just one antivirus on their setups. They install several protection software applications and hardware.

The reason for taking more than just one measure to protect their clients’ websites is that every day thousands of intrusion attempts are made, and a single antivirus will not be sufficient to counter the attacks coming from various sources.

An email service provider will need to protect emails from attacks that target email servers. An internet service provider will have protection against malware, viruses, hackers, and illegal intruders. Several layers of protection are required to protect websites.

Should a website be hit by a virus or malware, the website owner will take legal action against the web hosting service provider, and that can end up ruining the web hosting service provider’s reputation and financial standing.






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